Basketball Fiji adopts serious approach

Islanders on the attack against Scorpion at the Vodafone Arena. Picture: JONA KONATACI

The basketball season begins preparations for the Fiji Cup and Pacific Games.

Fiji assistant coach William Peter said they had separated the competition in to four tournaments and Central Basketball Association challenge was the second of the four series.

“This is to give an opportunity to all the teams to play against each other constantly and also training on regular basis in the year,” he said.

“The goal of the association is to make sure that there is regular competition because without frequent competition there will be no development.

“Basketball Fiji is supporting us through technical officials they are helping us understand the rules a bit more and educating us. They also providing us with the equipment’s so that we are able to run these tournaments.

“When we have this kind of support from the federation it helps build up the association and the players are regularly competing.”

He said with frequent tournament it would help national players to play consistently and by the time big tournaments such as the Fiji Cup and the Pacific Games, players were ready. He also thanked Team Up Fiji for supporting the programs in helping their youths.

“We have a lot of youths that have come through our Team Up supported programs such as “basketball for good” that helps us build our base such as the national team and programs.

“It has also developed the sport working hand in hand in the growth of the sport.”

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