Ban on trading of donu and kawakawa

Pregnant kawakawa fish sold in markets across the country. Those found selling and fishing Kawakawa and Donu from now until September will be penalised. Picture: FT FILE/LUKE RAWALAI

ALL fish from the donu and kawakawa species should be pulled off shelves and not sold, exported or fished until September.
Fiji’s Ministry of Fisheries placed a total ban on the selling, fishing and exporting of the two fish species, which came into effect yesterday.
The grace period for those exporting the two fish species ended yesterday.
cChange media officer Alumeci Nakeke said the grace period ended at 11pm on Monday.
Ms Nakeke said the order from the ministry was that all frozen donu and kawakawa species must not be sold or frozen until the end of the spawning season in September. She added that all frozen fish that remained unsold must be bagged and labelled with the names of the fishers and vendors, including the dates received.

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