A time to get back to lifestyle basics

Fijiana head coach Saiasi Fuli with his players after their match fifth and sixth playoff match against England during the HSBC Sydney 7s tournament at the Bankwest Stadium in Australia on Sunday 02, February, 2020. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

FIJIANA 7s head coach Saiasi Fuli believes the COVID-19 situatuion in the country has allowed people to get back in touch with the basics of everyday Fijian lifestyle.

“This pandemic helps us to go back to basic lifestyle,” Fuli said.

“For me, this difficult time creates a perfect opportunity to re-live basic lifestyles.”

Fuli said many Fijians were returning to small things like farming and spending quality time with family members, something he said many had forgotten or made time for with the busy commitments that come in living in the city and working.

“We need to manage ourselves and our family on a daily basis.”

“This Covid-19 pandemic has allowed us to focus our attention and energy on to the most important aspect of our lives, which is looking after ourselves and of course our families without worrying too much about work-related issues or other factors.”

Fuli said the downtime could mean a lot to families and individuals if taken the right approach to time spend together at home.

“I fully believe that starting from yourself, you need to manage yourself well, look after yourself, look after what you eat, manage your time well, and you go on from there.”

Fuli said once everything would be back to normal, Fijians would realise how crucial this time was for them and their families.

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