$3m service station opens

New Mobil service station opposite Nadovu Park in Lautoka. Picture: SUPPLIED

TAPPOO subsidiary, On the Go (OTG), have opened their sixth Mobil branded service station in Natokowaqa, Lautoka, to the tune of $3 million.

The multimillion dollar complex joins a string of new Mobil service stations along the Queens Rd that have undergone major face lifts by the retail giants.

Company executive director Kaushal Tappoo said they were delighted with the final product. “We have been planning the right mix for a while and I am delighted how it’s tuned out,” he said in a statement. “People expect a certain level of style and sophistication from OTG sites now.”

The new site also introduced two new concepts for the site, On The Go Bakery and Go Café. Mr Tappoo explained these two new outlets were the result of consultations with residents of Banaras.

“While we were in the planning stages, residences from the area behind our site came to us and said ‘please open a bakery. We are starved of a bakery in the area’.

“That was a catalyst for OTG to launch a new bakery concept.” He added that the new Go Café concept was for customers traveling through the busy Queens Rd.

“The Go Café features self-serve cappuccino on the go. Customers pick a takeaway cup, select their espresso, long black, cappuccino, flat white or mocaccino, press a button and keep going.

“We are using 100 per cent Arabica beans in our Go Café. “People will be surprised at how well priced our cappuccinos are.”

The Natokowaqa site will also feature a lube bay and auto-gas fill station for gas powered vehicles.

Mr Tappoo also acknowledged their successful partnership with Mobil which has flourished despite the economic impacts of the global pandemic.

“We have plans to open more sites,” he said.

“We have created new jobs along with redeploying some of our existing staff from the tourism sector.

“It’s nice to be able to offer jobs to those of our staff who have been affected by the closure of Fiji’s border due to the pandemic.

“There’s a lot of hard work ahead of us but we are excited about our latest service station and the new concepts we have developed.”

Mobil Oil (Fiji) CEO Adi Tamara acknowledged the Tappoo Group for their significant investment and congratulated the company on the opening of the one of a kind service stations in Natokowaqa.

“We are proud to add the On the Go Mobil service station to the Mobil network,” he said.

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