Letters to the Editor: Sunday April 5, 2020

Police warn vehicles of the lockdown imposed on the Soasoa stretch. Vehicles were told to return and stay out of the area. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

Rule of law

ALLOW me to comment on the work carried out by the Fiji Police Force.

Our lawmen and women, like the health authorities, are at the frontlines in the containment of COVID-19 by manning checkpoints and controlling the streets around our towns and cities.

While we stay home, our men and women in the force are out there ensuring the public adhere to safety rules laid out by World Health Organization through our Ministry of Health.

Our prayers that that they remain healthy in their line of duty because it seems they are not wearing masks and gloves as seen from Suliano Volivoli’s picture in the news daily.

However, and of course, appropriate renumeration or “danger allowance” would be ideal.

Galoa Village, Serua


Opposition issue

WHEN it was announced by Government some weeks ago that Navua Hospital would have an isolation ward set up, the Leader of the Opposition, with some members of his team, went to this hospital, I believe, to create fear and division.

They of course did not have any idea what Fiji and the rest of the world was dealing with.

Added to this is the Leader of the Opposition’s statement made in Parliament that the Minister for Economy should have first found some money in the existing budget to deal with this crisis!

The Opposition are completely out of their depth and I believe they still are.

Is that why they have not and perhaps are not able to provide a solution to this crisis?

JAN NISSAR Carlton, NSW, Australia

COVID-19 curfew

WITH 123 curfew breaches on Friday night alone, all those who breached the COVID-19 curfew should be given six months of compulsory supervised community service/work.

Ordered to clean up all public amenities/facilities, hospitals, blocked drains, clear all rubbish, etcetera.

Government should designate vacant land(s) and get them to farm it with the crops/vegetables to be delivered/distributed to the hospitals, charitable organisations, elderly care homes, boarding schools and so on. No one wants a 24-hour lockdown.



Foreign aid

FOREIGN monetary aid have been reported coming from Australia, New Zealand and China to mention a few.

Presently, I believe our public health and emergency employees are yet to be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE).

These are our frontlines in the COVID-19 battlefield. Fiji’s population is yet to reach one million. The pandemic frontlines need to be reinforced ASAP with all respective equipment, gear, machines and manpower before our fragile health system is overwhelmed.

In the USA, I believe some health workers are proposing to resign because of lack of PPE. And this is the wealthiest country in the world. It is not about money, it’s about managing the crisis.

Let us hope all the foreign monetary aid received are well managed. For success is to be measured not so much about the position a government has reached in its administrative time, as by the obstacles which it has overcome.

For fire is the test of gold; adversity, of a strong government.



Curfew breakers

DAILY reports of curfew breakers are very troubling, unsettling, unnecessarily displaying levels of undue stress and arrogance.

As much as I hate to say this, but for the safety and lives of all Fijians, these offenders must be taught a real good lesson.

Mandatory 30 days in correctional facilities and made to do strictly supervised community service maintaining  hospital grounds and gardens, community homes for the elderly and health centres, in my view.

These are challenging difficult days of life and death situations that is sweeping the world through coronavirus pandemic.

All Fijians must be obedient and listen. Stay home.

RONNIE CHANG Martintar, Nadi

Chances of coronavirus

IF countries A to Y do not have COVID-19 but it is present in country Z.

If the citizens of countries A-Y do not adhere to all the health advisories which are specifically in place for COVID-19.

If the citizens of countries A-Y do not enter country Z and return.

If no citizen (carrier or not) from country Z enters countries A-Y, what are the chances of the COVID-19 entering countries A-Y?


Working from home

NOT to worry about this. My daughter in Australia

has been doing this with her team. They got so engrossed they forgot to take breaks and even worked beyond their normal hours!

So go Fiji! Be conscientious.

NORMAN YEE Martintar, Nadi

Earth healing
IT has been raining so much that it seems Mother Nature is weeping.

There are two things I see:

1. She is weeping for humans who are suffering the effects of the coronavirus.
2. She is weeping that Mother Earth is healing because humans are at home and there is no rubbish on the roads and rivers and the ozone layer over China is clearing. There has been less travel and there is no monoxide in the air.

ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Lautoka


Follow the law

TO the nation, please listen to the PM before a lock-down is confirmed, we all will suffer just because of some people who don’t adhere to the curfew rules.

Please listen to the authorities and follow the law; this deadly virus can make us go even more worse. Just pray and be safe.


Crime rate
ALLEN seems interested in crime rates (FT 04/04). Of course the rate will reduce because of the lock down and everyone is home.

The more pertinent question should be how long it takes to solve a crime or theft of property.

That’s an area which needs more training and equipment, for I believe, there are too many thefts that remain unresolved by police.

DAN URAI Lautoka