2019 Pacific Games: Fiji sailing team in second spot

THE FIJI sailing women’s team is in second place in the women’s one person dinghy team event.

Nelle Leenders and Sophia Morgan scored a total of 75 points behind Samoa women who are ahead with 45 points.

In the first round, the duo gathered 11 points, second round they managed 13 points, in the third round they got 14 points, in the fourth round they scored 11 points, in the fifth and sixth round they scored 13 points each.

Head coach Emanuel Jamardo said the girls had been performing well and the competition had been very smooth for the duo.

“It is a good sign to see they are doing well, we are happy at the moment and we have three days more because we are sailing in a condition that it is very difficult for the sailors but the sailors are doing well,” Jamardo said.

“We are trying to do better in the next few days and the winds are a bit lighter, we had very good results and are hoping for better results through the end of the week.”

Leenders said they were coping well with their performance and also hoped to have lighter winds towards the end of the week.

“We are just hoping the winds would get lighter so it could be easier for us but so far we are happy and are hoping for the best towards the end of this week. New Caledonia is closing in behind us so we will try and improve,” said Leenders.

In the individual races, Morgan is currently in sixth place with 33 points and Leenders is in seventh place with 42 points.

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