2019/2020 National Budget: Economic expansion: A-G says record-breaking streak to continue

GOVERNMENT expects to continue with its record-breaking streak of economic expansion, making it 10 straight years of growth for our economy, says Fiji’s Attorney General and Economy Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum

He made this statement while announcing that Government expected GDP to grow to $12.7billion this year.

“We’ve done more than set a new record, we’ve set a new bar of expectation for what our nation can achieve,” Mr Sayed-Khayium said while delivering the 2019/2020 Budget.

“Before this Government, the Fijian economy had some good years, some okay years and some bad years, quite a few bad years actually,” he said. “Through decisive political leadership and responsible financial management, we ended that era of instability.

“We shut the door on economic inconsistency and put ourselves the Fijians people in command of our own destinies.”

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