2018 General Election: FijiFirst has done a lot, says farmer

Livai Kuruvivale (left) of Naraiyawa village, goes about his dalo business after voting in Namosi. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

DALO farmer Livai Kuruvivali believes that the FijiFirst party has done a lot in terms of development of agricultural farming at Naraiyawa Village in the province of Namosi.

Naraiyawa is the last village in the province of Namosi.

Mr Kuruvivali said compared with the past governments, there wasn’t much development done in their province and districts to what the FijiFirst government had done in the past nine years.

“I voted for the FFP in the last election and I’ve voted the same party today (yesterday) because I’ve seen the difference and the development done in our area,” Mr Kuruvivali said.

“We’ve seen our roads upgraded, electricity poles being placed and these are all the good changes coming, but there are a few areas that need to be developed, but I believe if this government continues then more development will come our way. If they don’t make it to Parliament then the next government should continue where they’ve left.”

Meanwhile, village elder Waisale Lasekula said they hoped the next government would meet their needs.

“This pre-polling election has really made it easier for us here at Naraiyawa. We were able to cast our votes and we only hope for the best government to support us here in the interior with our needs,” Mr Lasekula said.

As many as 93 voters cast their votes at the Naraiyawa Village hall yesterday during the pre-polling in the Namosi.

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