2018 General Election: Cakaudrove women urges new government to empower rural women

WOMEN of Vaturomulo Village in Korotasere and their counterparts at Tabia Village in Navatu, Cakaudrove, needs the next government to empower women to boost the living standards of communities around the country.

Vaturomulo housewife Silipa Tavaita said women were key figures in the management of their families.

Therefore, the 47-year-old mother of seven felt this important role made women as key figures in developing the community and the nation as a whole.

Ms Tavaita said she cast her vote yesterday at the village with the hope that the next government should consider this and empower women in rural areas, and provide them with more income-generating initiatives.

“This means involving women in more bee farming, sewing and other revenue generation projects but most importantly, training them to get basic skills in areas they could tap to make a living,” she said.

Meanwhile, women in Tabia within the district of Navatu shared the same sentiments saying it was also imperative that the new government seriously looked into the issue of violence against women and children.

Concerned villager Milika Ledua said religious groups needed to team up with the government in creating awareness on that pressing issue.

Ms Ledua said she was not a professional in solving such issues but she knew that something needed to be done now to stop the abuse.

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